Just read this

Excerpt from a personal essay, in a book I just finished:

“H (my partner) and I never discuss what goes on in the bathroom. I have no evidence he’s ever done anything in there but brush his teeth and soak in the tub. He won’t even let me in when he’s peeing.

‘I had that in my mouth ten minutes ago and now it’s a private part?’ ”

-David Sedaris, Calypso

snap out of it Sally

You’re not going to get any accountability or compassion from him.

(That’s what set off this latest round of sad.)

You’re beginning to feel pathetic.

He’s way over you.

You’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time crying over someone who doesn’t deserve you.

The friends that you lost…it’s only, like, 3 people at this point. Three people who you don’t even miss.

Last big breakup took deep humiliation and shame to snap out of it.

Let’s not go there again.

Have some pride, save your dignity.

Give your heart a rest, Sally.

You deserve it.

Tired of it

You know what?

I am so sick of being sad.

Tired of the hours spent weeping and wailing.

Tired of handing my power over to someone who can’t bring himself to give a shit.

Tired of feeling shitty.

Tired of wasting my energy feeling sorry for myself.

I think this weekend might have been the last I spend worrying about how this last year impacted me – I’m just sick of being melancholy.

So somehow I need to let go of everything and thank my lucky stars that I’m out of that relationship.

And I am determined to be sad no more.